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UNOFFICIAL: RetroArch (Mame0.78) Standalone Emulator
Неофициальная сборка эмулятора RetroArch (Mame0.78)

Пояснения к сборке:

Basic Usage:
MAME romset 0.78 is required for best performance.
At first screen of MAME agreement when ask to type OK, Move Left Stick - Left to Right to signal "OK"
R3 will access the RetroArch Main Menu
R2 will access the MAME Menu options.
Select in game will add credits to the game.

Core is based on v0.9.8 of RetroArch. (not the current 0.9.9)
This is an Experimental Core for the PS3 from Libretro Code Re-depository. (link)
This is an Unofficial release Please DO NOT BUG official RetroArch developer of any problems.
Custom RetroArch Main Menu Wood Background Added in place of default RetroArch menu.

Known Bugs:
When accessing MAME settings (R2 button) settings will not save for next boot
Save / Load States will not work on a few titles. (mainly Midway titles)
On rare occasion Some RetroArch Main Menu options will not work, after switching many games. A restart of the app will correct this

RetroArch Developers: Squarepusher , Maister
Libretro Contributors: View the list of many contributors here.
RetroXMB Developer: doobz
Artwork: Sandungas (PIC1) & STLcardsWS (Custom Wood Main Menu)

Скачать можно в теме поддержки
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