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Обновление менеджера PS2 игр для запуска их на PS3 без обратной совместимости. Это апдейт и его можно установить только на версию 1.01.

Изменения в этой версии:

- Added shadow effect to all displayed text, this will allow @opium2k and others to design clear themes for PS2CM.
- Fixed reported issues with Memory Cards.
- Fixed a problem when assigning Memory Cards, if both slots were deactivated it would make PS2CM freeze.
- Fixed small bug on the Title ID parsing code, only affected titles that had "[" and "]” characters at the end.
- Added some missing titles to the "ps2titleid.txt” database, thanks to those who reported them.

Thanks @bubba for your collaboration with covers , I updated the main thread with the latest links, I will upload "M” pack #2 soon to the SkyDrive, when I have the complete collection I will start making the PKGs and upload them so people can easily install them on their PS3.
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