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[PSP|CFW] CyanogenPSP v6.1
Вышел финальный релиз CyanogenPSP версии 6.1 от разработчика Joel16 для консоли PSP.

Изменения в этой версии:

New Features:

- Allow brightness control asset to be themed as well
- Implemented font colors. No longer need choosing a specific color scheme for the themes to enhance font visibility.
- Battery status, digital time and clock widget/date on lockscreen can have their font colors altered.
- Added experimental ID3 JPG/JPEG tags. (Turn on experimental features to acces this)
- New CyanogenPSP banner by preetisketch.
- Revamped music player to mimic CyanogenMod's recent changes.
- Revamped file manager to mimic CyanogenMod's recent changes.
- Slightly revamped gallery to mimic CyanogenMod's recent changes.
- Display USB debugging icon only if the USB cable is connected.
- New USB debugging icon.
- Minor changes to ME Mp3player
- New music player settings lets you toggle lockscreen background on/off. (Press Start to access)
- Lockscreen now has a little music playing widget similar to android. Let's you pause/play music while in lockscreen, without having to go back to the music player.
- Revamped Settings->Performance->Memory.
- Revamped Settings->Performance->Storage Mangement. Both of these are now very similar to android, in terms of looks and the way the information is displayed.
- Updated app icons.
- Transitioning color backgrounds depending on music genre.
- Flashable zips through recovery! (The zip file should consist of a folder called CyanogenPSP, which will be used to overwrite each path).
- Now uses nougat styled quick settings (just the design).
- Added a small check for PPSSPP and Adrenaline
- Allow wav, bgm, mod and at3 files to be played using music player.
- Music player now displays now playing status when opening the music settings.


- Many major clean ups and code refactoring. Minimized the use of many redundant function calls by unifying functions, and greatly optimized for enhanced stability.
- Fixed font color issue with time and battery status.
- Font colors are now properly reloaded each time you change a theme.
- Fixed lock screen not being set on startup due to some major code refactoring.
- Fixed font color issue with digital time.
- Fixed slight delays caused by using standard IO functions rather than SCE wrappers. This improved the speeds after opening/closing apps. No longer feels sluggish.
- Improved directory checks. Shouldn't be any more crashes due to missing directories. Also improved the file checking code overall.
- Improved performance. Used up an extra MB of ram for pre-loaded images. One MB isn't gonna hurt tongue
- Load a few more resources on start up. (Slower boot - better performance)
- Music player only displays now playing info, if song is being played.
- Reorganize file manager assets to suit updated icons properly.
- Fixed ID3 genre list.
- Improved file checks for animations and other assets.
- Fixed music player misorganization with other sound files (example wav, MOD, etc)
- Fixed mp3 time string.
- Minor adjustments to how minutes are displayed for mp3 time string.
- Removed pgezip, and switched to unzip.
- Improved music player cover art loading.
- Fixed settings/performance/storage - bar info showing incorrect statistics.
- Fixed a minor issue with the clock icon causing crashes when changing icon packs.
- Network code has been fixed.
- Removed a bunch of code inconsistency and redundancy. (still not complete, but I can only keep improving.)
- Use more SCE IO wrappers to slighlty speed up certain processor.
- More appropriate function names.
- Fix RAM menu displaying incorrect values.
- Unified certain functions.
- Minor adjustments to updater. (It's still broken, but I won't be updating it anymore since this will be the final release.)
- Fixed language selection's controls displaying incorrect language selection.
- Fixed getModel causing slight lagg when being hovered.
- Fixed directory checks for PPSSPP and PS Vita.

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