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PSNPATCH v2015.9/A

Обновление утилиты PSN Patch для подмены ID консоли и отключения системных вызовов CFW, чтобы сделать вашу систему более "безопасной" для входа в PSN. 



Изменения в этой версии: 

  • NEW Version spoofer warning: PSNPatch displays the real and the spoofed cfw version in the main menu - a good version spoofer (when one is available) MUST BE invisible to PSNPatch;
  • Added PSNPatch toolbox setup of plugin on-boot auto features (auto-spoof IDPS & IDPS) (*);
  • Improved rebug (lite) detection for proper handling of webman xmb menu icons;
  • Updated included webman-mod (cobra and non-cobra) to version 1.43.04 (lite version) - webman-mod cobra version should be compatible with every cobra versions (past and future);
  • Confirmed support for 4.76 CFW with all the CORE functions - just a confirmation: no changes were made in the source code - PSNPatch continues to be firmware version independent

(*) This could already be done directly in PSNPatch plugin by keeping pressed L3+R3+R2 during boot until the "auto mode" message is displayed, but doing it from the PSNPatch toolbox seems to be easier for some users.

A quick Remember for those who preferred not to read past versions release notes:
PSNPatch plugin locks psn access until CFW is disabled.
For best protection the plugin should always be installed.
The plugin can be installed in cobra and non-cobra systems(for non-cobra use the also included plugin handler).

99% + of the issues and questions placed from users during the past months were already answered in this document and/or the FAQ included in the distribution.


Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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