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[PS3|CFW] webMAN LaunchPAD v0.16

Обновление утилиты для альтернативного отображения и запуска игр прямо из XMB меню.

Изменения в этой версии:

Теперь поддерживаются 6 кастомных прошивок:
  • Darknet 4.81 v1.00 Cobra v7.30
  • Ferrox 4.81 v1.00 Cobra v7.30
  • Overdrive 4.81 v4 Cobra 7.30
  • Playerpk420 4.81 v1.00 Cobra
  • Rebug 4.80.1 REX Cobra
  • Spy 4.81 v1.00 Cobra

  • More CFW support.
  • Install makeover.
  • Webman Mod 1.45.02 Full required.
  • v1.45.02 or higher recommended to get the full features of Launchpad.
  • As a bonus this installer adds XMBM+ support and fixes the dupe pkg issue that this can sometimes cause. I had to move install bubbles inside install packages on some of the FWs to get everything working right.
  • This installer will add support for XMBM+ on any of the 6 CFWs it supports even if you only select the uninstall option.
  • Handy little tip: with the Launchpad you don't need to reboot when you use the built in shortcut to refresh.
  • If you install this on Overflow 4.81 Cobra CFW it will also update WebMAN to 1.45.02 FULL version (I have done this due to the path used).

    Warning: This has been reported to cause a soft brick on SPY 4.81 (Easily Recoverable)..Make sure to install the CORRECT version for your CFW. Heavily modified FWs not supported. I have only tested this on standard FWs.

    Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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