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GS Mode Selector v0.37
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Новая версия утилиты за номером 0.37 от 20.01.2013

Изменения в этой версии:


- 30 predef vmodes, including DTV 576P vmode for older PS2 models and the unpublished DTV 1080P one
- Skip Videos Fix toggle
- Optimized Exit options
- C code housekeeping


- SetGsCrt replacement code for DTV 576P vmode (work even on older PS2 models - made possible by SP193 and reprep)
- SetGsCrt replacement code for unpublished DTV 1080P vmode (made possible by SP193 and reprep)
- Remove all breakpoints (even when they are not enabled) whenever SetGsCrt syscall is called, then re-enable GSHandler (GSM Data Address Write Breakpoint)
- Skip Videos Fix (sceMpegIsEnd) code - basic method by nachbrenner - If enabled, On-The-Fly patcher applies it whenever SetGsCrt syscall is called 
- Added SMODE1, SMODE2, SRFSH, SYNCH1, SYNCH2 and CSR definitions for future features
- Disabled warning on building time if any statement expands to more than one machine instruction
- ASM code cosmetics
Категория: Display утилиты | Добавил: pvc1 | Теги: GS mode selector, GSM, HDTV
Просмотров: 8611 | Загрузок: 2425 | Рейтинг: 3.0/3

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