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OPL 0.9.1 rev.655+GSM 0.38
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Самый последний бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 655 со встроенным GSM версии 0.38

Изменения в последних ревизиях:

rev655 - Now GSM (0.38) is an OPL feature
rev654 - Now Main's Menu Exit option is using IGR path whenever applicable
rev653 - Fix for SifLoadFileInit warning
rev652 - sp193: Removed the old Protokernel patch, since the PS2SDK now has a complete one; removed support for PS2LINK from within the CRT of the EE core. It was never used, and will never be used... It will never be started from a thread, hence it's redundant.
rev651 - Padhook changes on IGR and IOP reboot code, based on l_oliveira IGR fix and a SP193 explanation
rev650 - l_oliveira: CDVDMAN DelayThread generic patch - More accurate CDVD emulation (this made some patches obsoletes, for instance: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross JPN)
rev649 - Fix for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix JPN Gummi Ship Missions patch
rev648 - Fix for OK & RECONNECT buttons (They were not being displayed on IP Config dialog)
rev647 - Fixed bug when uploading current ETH Operation values to IP Config dialog
rev646 - small fixes on makefiles (make clean: remove *.map files too) and ee_core (asm.S: debug BG colors)
rev645 - Added ETH Operation Mode Auto/Manual(Full-duplex/Half-duplex,100M-BaseT/10M-BaseT) in Network config menu
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