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Ссылки на XML ресурсы обновлений консолей PlayStation и инструкция по обновлению
Ссылки на XML ресурсы обновлений консолей PlayStation и инструкция по обновлению
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How to Download PS3 Game Update Packages on Your PC
Here is how to download PS3 Retail/Debug .PKG Files on your PC without having to rely on any PC apps or Web site frontends to do it.
Simply replace the <TITLEID> with the title id of the game, ie if the title id is BLUS-12345, the link will look like:
For PS3 Retail Updates:
[plain]https://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/tppkg/np/[/plain]<TITLEID>[plain]/[/plain]<TITLEID>[plain]-ver.xml (Alternate Server #1 for Retail)[/plain]
[plain]https://b0.ww.prod-qa.dl.playstation.net/tppkg/prod-qa/[/plain]<TITLEID>[plain]/[/plain]<TITLEID>[plain]-ver.xml (Alternate Server #2 for Retail)[/plain]
For PS3 Debug Updates:
[plain]https://b0.ww.sp-int.dl.playstation.net/tppkg/sp-int/[/plain]<TITLEID>[plain]/[/plain]<TITLEID>[plain]-ver.xml (Alternate Server #1 for Debug)[/plain]
For a Shot at Either a PS3 Retail or a PS3 Debug Update:
How to Find the Title ID for a PSN Game:
1. Connect your PS3 to PC via FTP.
2. Go to dev_hdd0/games/
3. Take note of all the names of the folders.
4. Install the game in the PS3.
5. Connect again via FTP.
6. Search in dev_hdd0/games for a new folder, that new folder will have a name and a number which is the Title ID.
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