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[PS4/PS3/PSV] Universal Media Server 6.8.0
обновление медиасервера UMS до версии 6.8.0

Изменения в этой версии:


  • Added shared folder selection to the wizard
  • Improved matching of results from CoverArtArchive
  • Improved text in the wizard
  • Fixed detection of Java Runtime Environment 9 on Windows
  • Fixed charset handling during subtitle conversions
  • Fixed video not always transcoding when encoded audio passthrough is used
  • Fixed an exception if the renderer replied to GetProtocolInfo but didn't include sink
  • Formatting in UMS.conf
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added Bengali translation (empty for now, please contribute to it on Crowdin!)
  • Improved support for Japanese characters


  • Added 4k support to VLC for iOS
  • Added support for sending 4k MP4 videos to PS4 natively

    Compatibility notes:

    These releases work on all versions of Java 7 onwards.
    The Windows releases work on Windows Vista onwards. We are working on supporting older versions.

    Скачать можно в теме поддержки
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