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[PS3|CFW] XMBPD v0.60.000
Обновление аналога магазина хоумбрю приложений, интегрированного в Rebug прошивку. Строго для Rebug прошивок Rebug 4.80.1

Изменения в этой версии:

  • Added a new category for wallpapers, with 9 sub categories.
  • All wallpapers with local preview icons.
  • The wallpaper/background will open in the webbrowser and then you can press triangle and go to "File>Save Image". Then you can exit the browser and go to the Photo category to set it as a wallpaper.
  • There are 2 hidden wallpaper categories commented out, I have commented them out as a form of parental control, if you can FTP and edit the main xml to uncomment them then you are probably to old enough to view them.
  • Added a new settings category for wallpapers.
  • Added Webman 1.45.00 pkg and changed the title to 1.45.XX (as it is regularly updated I have it named like this now).
  • Also added WebMAN Mod to the Tools section as it has so many uses.
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