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[PS2|MOD] PS2Linux v3.8
Разработчик Maximus32 выпустил релиз Ps2Linux v3.8 - обновление содержит много изменений и улучшений, таких как, повышение скорости Ethernet и возможность подмены MAC.

New kernel features:
- one network driver for FAT and SLIM, stable
- ethernet MAC address spoofing
- ethernet speed increased
- new fast HDD DMA driver
- upgraded to
- 2.6 kernel has same features as 3.8
- ps2dev interface working on both kernels
- sps2mod working on both kernels​

New usb stick features:
- sps2mod modules included, use "sps2_load" to load them
- sps2dev demo's included (dma_triangle, spky_bumpmap, sps2_triangle, tshower and vspeed)
- some applications to do some tests like hdparm, iperf and bonnie++.​

Feature requests welcome:
- Changes to the kernel config (like adding usb drivers or file systems)
- Changes to buildroot (like applications, services)​

- Copy the rootfs on a usb stick of at least 512MB: "gzip -cd ps2linux3.8_v0.2.img.gz | sudo dd of= bs=1M"​

- 1: start kernelloader.elf from the first partition of the usb stick
- 2: select "Load Config from USB"
- 3: start by selecting "Boot Current Config"
- 4: once booted, login using username "root" and password "ps2"​


* ps2linux3.8_v0.1.img.gz
* ps2linux3.8_v0.2.img.gz
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