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[PS2|MOD] OPL 0.9.4 rev.1342 DB all
Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 1342

Изменения в последних релизах:

(1) (Default Info Page) (Ifcaro repo only -- OPL Daily Builds already had this feature enabled since OPL 1036_DB-TA.)
The info page pulls text from the users per-game CFG files so whatever language the 'attribute text' is written in is what will be displayed. The only items that were not translatable was the 'static text' that I had previously included (now removed).

(2) GFX (Ifcaro repo and partial in OPL DB -- since some graphics don't apply to the Daily Builds default theme)
- Graphics have been converted to 8-bit PNG (via pngquant) & power of 2 to optimize: File Size, Dimensions, Bit Depth & Image Quality.
- D-Pad Icons have been scaled to 20*20.
- X & Y Positions of all GFX has not been changed at all so everything will be in exactly the same layout/position as before.
- L3 & R3 button icons are included in the PR for completeness - in case anyone wants to map something to them in the future (they are not compiled into the ELF so will have no impact on the final size).

(3) @rickgaiser has already scaled the other button icons to 20*20 in commit db1e1ac as he was planning to update the default GFX himself but I said I would take care of it.

(4) make games list wrap around
so now when you reach the end or start of your game list, you can go to the start or end of the game list by pressing DPAD DOWN or UP.

rev1342 - Jay-Jay-OPL - Merge https://github.com/ifcaro/open-ps2-loader - Mon Nov 12 09:59:46 2018 -0800
rev1341 - ElPatas1 - Merge pull request #155 from KrahJohlito/gui-final - Mon Nov 12 13:31:26 2018 +0100
rev1340 - KrahJohlito - optimize gfx - Wed Nov 7 21:50:47 2018 +1030
rev1339 - KrahJohlito - add info page to default theme - Wed Nov 7 21:28:02 2018 +1030
rev1338 - KrahJohlito - make games list wrap around - Wed Nov 7 21:26:02 2018 +1030

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