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[PS2|MOD] OPL 0.9.4 DB-TA rev.1050

Изменения в этой ревизии:
SP193: Fixed game size computation for HDLoader-format games.
- this new change fixes an issue that PS2 games installed on an internal HDD would display the wrong game size value on the INFO page -- NOTE: danielb, had fixed this issue first, but SP193 updated so it has a different approach (math) to fix the same issue.

RickGaiser: Graphics improvements and code cleanups #94:
- Add HIRES compile option, disabled by default. Compile with HIRES=1 for HIRES version. That will provide true 1080i and 720p support (no scaling!)
- Code cleanups
- Scaling and aligning improvement
- Alpha blending fix for 16bit modes, fixes the visible "transparant" box around png images
NOTE: if you have problems with the new HIRES resolutions, please post your issues here in this topic: https://www.ps2-home.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=1764

SP193: (SMAP-ingame) Ported changes from PS2SDK for SMAP #96:
- (SMAP-ingame) Ported changes from PS2SDK for SMAP, reduced DMA block size to 64 for better performance, adjusted code to make less loads from the hardware and adjusted code for readability

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