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CFW Rogero 4.40 v1.03
Вышла обновление кастомной прошивки от Rogero 4.40 версии 1.03 с ToolBox/StealthMAN и ReactPSN offline Patch

Изменения в этой версии:

- Rebuilt the CFW with minimal patches needed for similar OFW Stability, also adding full compatibility with multiMAN Tools.
- All known issues from v1.02 are fixed now (XMB PS2 Game Saves, Sequential Video Playback, Media Server always on)
- Removed Cinavia Patch used on v1.02 because of some compatibility issues (When DEX4.40 is public it will be added properly again)
- Added the ToolBox to [app_home/PS3_GAME] to restore multiMAN/StealthMAN launch mode from ToolBox.
- Updated the ReactPSN patch to work offline without the need to log into PSN at all (Credits to Team Rebug for their original 4.30.1 Patch)
- Added both noBD/noBT patches to allow installation on consoles with broken BluRay Drive or Bluetooth board.

Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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