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CFW для PS3 Super Slim (4k)
Внимание!!! Идёт работа по разработке кастомной прошивки для PlayStation 3 SuperSlim (4K моделей)

Сегодня разработчик modrobert (работающий в команде 3k3y ODE) релизнул дамп памяти PS3 4K и объявил о проекте, который направлен на реализацию Custom
Firmware (CFW) для PS3 Super Slim (4K) моделей .

Все подробности : https://www.eurasia.nu/modules....orum=87
Цитата modrobert
After releasing 3k3y firmware v2.11 beta (with
OFW 4.55 support) and losing interest in the
ODE "cat & mouse" game with Sony (OFW
4.60 and 4.65), I have spent the past few
weeks researching and dumping raw data in
an ongoing project to extract lv0.2 keys via

Added lv0.2 to the crypto chain diagram
which is how it works on PS3 Super Slim (4k).

" NEW consoles only: metadata lv0.2 (signed
with nonrandomfail key) is used to check lv0
integrity "

As I figured it (please correct me if I'm wrong)
we need the keys for lv0.2 which are held by
bootldr. Some claim that bootldr is "Per
Console Encrypted at factory", but I have my
doubts about that, either way, as long as we
can get that key on one specific console it is
enough for our purpose. More on that later.
What it boils down to is this (using CORE_OS
data from OFW 4.65 in this test case)...

scetool -v -d lv0.2 foo2.out
scetool 0.2.9 <public build> (C) 2011-2013 by naehrwert
NP local license handling (C) 2012 by flatz

[*] Loaded keysets.
[*] Loaded loader curves.
[*] Loaded vsh curves.
[*] Using keyset [lv0ldr 0x0000 00.00]
[*] Error: Could not decrypt header.

We need this to succeed in order to reach the
final goal of installing CFW on PS3 Super Slim

This is how it looks for lv0 (where we have the
keys already).

scetool -v -d lv0 foo.out
scetool 0.2.9 <public build> (C) 2011-2013 by naehrwert
NP local license handling (C) 2012 by flatz

[*] Loaded keysets.
[*] Loaded loader curves.
[*] Loaded vsh curves.
[*] Using keyset [lv0ldr 0x0000 00.00]
[*] Header decrypted.
[*] Data decrypted.
[*] ELF written to foo.out.

Now that's a lot better...

My dumps include data from most of the PS3
4k chipsets, this was *NOT* collected by
sniffing a bus (or several) in a conventional
way, so even if targeted key is embedded in
silicon, as long as it is processed/executed
internally by any kind of microcode I might be
able to catch it. At this point I don't want to
reveal how the data was obtained exactly, it is
a method of my own design based on several
known side channel attacks. The intention is
to release the method eventually.

I can clearly see the first steps during PS3 4k
boot in the dumps, the syscon init of the
CELL, things are a lot slower in the initial
boot process, MHz rather than GHz.
What I'm trying to code right now is a clever
python script that will parse the raw data and
test potential keys by decrypting lv0.2 in a
To be honest, chances are probably slim
(phun intended) this will succeed even with
the collected data and a clever method to test
keys, but the final goal makes this project
exciting no matter what the odds are!
I'm really hoping this project can be a
collaboration without the usual fanboy drama,

Bootloader unencrypted dump 1 https://mega.co.nz/#!Ygt0k....nNd9CKo
Bootloader unencrypted dump 2 https://mega.co.nz/#!05d0C....noWiylA

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