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4.50 PS3Ultimate CFW v1.00
Прошивка от RazorX с ресурса Tortuga-Cove 4.50 под названием PS3Ultimate CFW v1.00 

Изменения в этой версии:


patched to allow running of unsigned applications 
patched to add reactpsn online/offline 
patched lv0 
patched lv1 
patched lv2 for peek&poke access 
patched to allow installation of pseudo-retail and debug packages 
patched spp verifier 
patched spu pkg rvk verifier 
patched spu token processor 
patched to allow installation of packages 
patched to enable screenshot for ps3, psp & minis 
added PS3Ultimate Manager to pup (install from install package files) 
renamed multiple xmb categories 
replaced startup message (warning & photosensitive epilepsy) 
patched all self/sprx to secure privacy (except playstation.net) 
replaced xmb wave 
cleaned up various categories 
replaced coldboot & sound 
patched registory for sorting games alphabetically 
changed default theme 

install from either 3.55 or 3.55.4 999 downgrader 
need qa flagged ps3 

only tested on ps3 phat cechk03 pal (nor) 
Please see news source for more info and D/L links or wait for a mirror link here. :)

Скачать можно в теме поддержки
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