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Обновление 3.90 М33-2
Вышло обновление для 3.90 М33-2

- Improvements in plugins loading code:

* Fixed some problems with problematic cards due to filesystem not mounted.
* Now plugins should read the faster.
* Problem fixed with lines with spaces at the end.
- Added the rest of regions to the recovery option fakeregion.
- (PSP SLIM): Added patches in nand ipl to allow Booster multiiplloader and TimeMachine iplloader to boot from nand.
Note: only 3.90 M33-2 and higher can be booted from nand in slim with those ipl loaders,
not official Sony firmwares or previous versions of M33.
Changes in updater:
- The 3.90 eboot downloading code is now more stable, no more freezes after selecting AP
- Memory stick write in the 3.90 downloading code is delayed the maximum possible for faster operation
(the system prefers big chunks of data written at once).
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