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PS3 RSoD Fix PKG для всех CFWs
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Новая утилита, которая исправляет RSoD (красный экран смерти) на PS3. Подходит для всех кастомных прошивок.

Что она делает:

  • The actual RSoD fix occurs by the VTRM area on flash being rewritten.
  • The ability to do this is already built into the firmware, it just needs to be called.
  • The "RSoD Fix all" PKG is for RSoD Bypass CFW, CEX and DEX 3.55 until CFW 4.65, not with the CFW 9.99 DG PUPs

Использование из XMB:

  • Install the RSoD Bypass patched PUP so that you can boot.
  • Install the rsod fix all.pkg package, and run it from XMB
  • Run rsodfix. (Blackscreen, tripple beep and Reboot PS3 new)
  • when you already old installed trophys to continue to use

Should their first a game with not Trophie installed. It can otherwise happen the Trophielist renewed after RSoD Fix then be all Trophies will deleted!!! Finished... gaming whatever you want 

We have all CFWs with RSoD bypass tested and at all CFW the RSoD error has been fixed. Plugged a USB device into the PS3, a log is created:

  • RSoD Error: ffffffff80010505 = cvtrm error Not corrected
  • RSoD Error: 0 = cvtrm is error free
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