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Showtime 4.7.93
[ Скачать с сервера (7.85 Mb) ] 10 Июл 2014, 09:44

Очередная бета версия плеера Showtime

Изменения в последних версиях: 

  • Fix build problems with clang 
  • Keep broken toolchain builds 
  • Another toolchain fix 
  • Fix unused variable 
  • ps3: New toolchain 
  • Fix torrent URI scheme 
  • torrent: Don't use redirects for torrent:movie: 
  • ps3: Add support for fs_fsinfo() 
  • torrent: Minor cleanup 
  • media: Cancel on EVENT_EXIT 
  • Don't handle ACTION_STOP in demuxer threads 
  • Add a task helper 
  • Move subtitle and audio track switching out from demux thread 
  • (This makes track switching almost instand if demux thread is blocked for long 
  • times) 
  • async: Log callbacks that takes a long time 
  • torrent: Handle corrupt data by retrying requests to different peers 
  • torrent: Add bencode_serialize() 
  • bittorrent: Add support for disk cache 
  • torrent: Fix infinite loop problem 
  • During shutdown, if shutdown failed after 5 seconds, force exit 
  • Restructure networking code to be less #ifdef:y 
  • bittorrent: Fix so it build on latest master 
  • bittorrent: Make it possible to shutdown a torrent and cleanup all resources (in RAM) 
  • asyncio: Fix various bugs 
  • Improve bittorrent client (Split peer code to peer.c / Improve handling towards trackers) 
  • Send have to peers even if they have it 
  • bytestream: Fix incorrect return values 
  • torrent: Send data 
  • bittorrent: More work 
  • fa: Add some IO stats during probing 
  • fa: Add deadline fops 
  • asyncio: Fix mem leak 
  • Fix memory leak in fa_cmp, something only used for debugging purpose 
  • media: Improve buffer stats 
  • Add average rate helper 
  • torrent: wip 
  • asyncio: Fix NOSIGPIPE on osx + various timeout related stuff 
  • htsmsg: Make it possible to read string as binary 
  • bittorrent: wip 
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