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Universal Media Server 2.2.0
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Обновление медиасервера Universal Media Server 2.2.0 

Изменения в этой версии:


Added option that creates virtual A-Z subfolders in folders
with a lot of files (the last option on the Navigation/Share
Settings page)
Added option to the Windows installer to perform a "clean
install", which removes all configuration files before installing
Design and usability improvements
Logging improvements
Fixed audio/subtitle priority defaults
"Definitely disable subtitles" is more reliable
Fixed FFmpeg Web Video streaming
Fixed DTS support in FFmpeg
Improved FFmpeg speed
Added support for creating thumbnails from TIFF and other
Fixed numerous smaller bugs
Made thumbnail generation and browsing faster
Don't show the text "{External Subtitles}" if the display name
is "[No Encoding]" within the transcode folder
Added support for True Motion and convertfps to AviSynth/
FFmpeg engine
Made multithreading more stable with AviSynth/FFmpeg
Fixed RTL subtitle support
Improved stability while seeking and transcoding
Fixed custom MEncoder settings at renderer level
Added a check to the Windows installer that prevents
installation until UMS is closed


Minor updates to all languages
More text is translatable
Updated Brazilian
Updated Czech


Support more Android players (thanks, ExSport!)
Improved support for Panasonic TVs (thanks, ExSport!)

External Components:

Updated MPlayer/MEncoder to SB45, which:
Fixed audio stuttering/repeating bug
Fixed alpha for ASS subtitles
Improves permissions handling on Windows
Removes incorrectly categorised fonts
Updated FFmpeg to SB4, which:
Improves audio sync when seeking
Supports more rare avi files
Improves support for demuxing DTS-HD
Fixes dozens of memory leaks
Improves audio sync for some AVI files using MP3
Improves FPS detection
Improved sync for interlaced video
Allows mid-stream channel layout change for flac
Supports 24-bit flac encoding
Improves support for some CPU-optimisations
Fixed a lot of bugs with the implementation of h264
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