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PS3 Media Server 1.50.0
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Обновление медиасервера PS3 Media Server 1.50.0

Обновления в этой версии:

- Backwards-incompatible API changes (for plugin developers/packagers) - see http://tinyurl.com/3qtgk5k for more details
 - Updated binaries build script to include Linux support (thanks, happy.neko!)
 - Updated OS X MPlayer to include fontconfig support
 - Language updates:
Updated Bulgarian translation (thanks, JORDITO!)
Updated German translation (thanks, smo!)
Updated Dutch translation
Clarified English language labels
Speeds displayed in Mb/s instead of Kb/s
 - Added full featured IP filter with support for wildcards and ranges
 - Improved network interface choosing algorithm now skips virtual interfaces
 - Updated libraries (configuration, jgoodies and slf4j)
 - Detect file system changes runtime (adding/removing folders/files).
 - Updated JRE auto-download from 6u27 to 7u1
 - Added option to create a desktop shortcut to the Windows installer
 - Renderer image improvements
 - Improvements to tab layouts
 - Maximum bandwidth setting works
 - Limit bandwidth to 110Mb/s by default which should solve a lot of "stuttering playback" reports
 - Recognise forced subtitles (thanks, ExSport!)
 - Updated MPlayer and MEncoder on Windows and OSX from Sherpya's old builds to SubJunk's new builds which fixes many playback issues, colour-conversion bugs and more (but possibly has drawbacks for some files, too)
 - Main (Status) tab displays a large tick when it's connected to a renderer instead of a PS3 or warning image
 - Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.51 from 0.7.47
 - New natural sort option for file order: Alphanumeric (e.g. Season 2 before Season 10)
 - Always allow "Restart Server" button (#1186)
 - Updated FFmpeg for Windows to r31564 from r30656
 - We now support Samsung AllShare, along with our existing support for Samsung WiseLink
 - Allow to configure subtitle color if using PMS in headless mode (#1280)

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