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uLaunchELF wip7
[ Скачать с сервера (1.35 Mb) ] 17 Июл 2014, 13:37

Новая бета файлового менеджера для PS2 от AKuHAK. В архиве помимо самой программы, находятся исходники и некомпрессированный вариант.


Изменения в этой версии:

- Rewritten tutorial for compiling uLaunchelf. You need to specify $PS2SDKSRC (which is actually git repository) and run prepare_main.sh or restore_ps2sdk.sh.
- fixed one warning in the libcdvd library
- now all libraries will install into $PS2DEV
- Added message about HDL game unloading (l_oliveira)
- partially reverted hdd_manager - now it loads hdl_game partitions much (i mean MUCH MORE) faster (thanks to l_oliveira)
- all source text files converted into linux format
- returned special symbols like triangle, square etc.
- now samba modules compile only when SMB flag is set (by default SMB = 0)
- changed cdinit argument so now ule dont have to freeze with disc control on on SCPH-5xxxx
- removed libjpg library, now is used the one from ps2sdk-ports
- fixed some warnings in vmc
- and of course everything is built with latest ps2sdk

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