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Родной инсталлятор игр для USB загрузчика PS2ESDL. Имеет интуитивный интерфейс и ряд полезных опций, которые можно активировать перед установкой игры.

Основные возможности:

-1.74 GB disc image slices.
-Disc image files are stored in a sub-directory (Under /PS2ESDL).
-Compatibility modes and cache size settings can be set at install time.
-SHIFT-JIS (Japanese) title support for the games list.
-Supports DVD9 DVD discs.
-Supports installation of games from both an optical drive and supported disc image file formats.
-No chance of having a game not working due to your game installer installing the game in a different way from the game installer used by the developers (PS2DCDMP is the only game installer using the PS2ESDL v1.20 format).
-Compatibility modes and the cache size setting can be set at startup, making the need to hold buttons and/or triggers everytime you launch a game unnecessary.

Изменения в этой версии:

-Fixed a bug that might cause a crash/truncation of game titles if a SHIFT-JIS (Japanese) title was entered, and was longer than 20 double-byte characters long.
-Improved the system used for SYSTEM.CNF parsing. Now games that fail to get installed with the "Error: Unable to find BOOT2 parameter in SYSTEM.CNF" error message are installable.
-PS2DCDMP now no longer locks the source drive/disc image, so error messages about not being able to open the source drive/disc image should not appear.

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