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PS2 Linux Kernel Loader 2.2
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Новый Kernel Loader 2.2 для установки ОС Linux на USB устройства.


- Screen position can be changed with the left analog stick within kernelloader. Don't expect any effect in Linux. In Linux you need to use the new setcrtmode from CVS.
- Fixed pink screen problem with component signal (YPbPr)
- Fixed problems with VGA signal.
- Added better BSD Support (still not fully working).
- Reworked code (mainly debug code, sharedmem.irx).
- Buttons L2 and R2 select the screen mode within kernelloader (VESA, 480P, NTSC or PAL). 480P may have problems on the right side of the screen, I can't test this.
- The keys "+" and "-" on a connected USB keyboard switch the screen mode. On the US layout the keys are left to the delete key (sign < X |). For "+" you need to press the SHIFT key at the same time. If you don't have an US keyboard, the keys may have differnt signs on it. For details see wikipedia.
- Add auto detection of sound modules from rom1.
- Add menu for showing versions of PS2 ROM, rom1:LIBSD, hardware and kernelloader.
- Don't show error if HDD adapter is not connected.
- Added unionfs-1.0.14 to kernel patches. This is required to get a full featured live DVD (write support).

Note: Not all network status information is available on slim PSTwo.

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1 LinuxFun  
Наконец решена проблема с компонентным кабелем , котороым я пользуюсь все время... класно... biggrin

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