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MAX Codelist Manager 2.3
[ Скачать с сервера (445.6 Kb) ] 29 Ноя 2009, 19:22

Самая новая версия менеджера для работы с кодлистами ARMAX на ПК от 18.09.2009


- Just a couple of bugfixes to the Advanced Code Editor. Evidently not many people actually use this, or it would have been reported sooner.
- Added advanced code editing functionality, permitting codes to be customised even more than previously possible (without the use of a third-party program). This feature is disabled by default (since it's both experimental and potentially dangerous), but it can be enabled by experienced code authors.
- The What's New? and general codelist differences screens will now show modified codes (where the code lines themselves have been altered) in orange. Changes only to the name/comment fields will not be considered as modifications.
- Also on those screens, you can right-click a game (or code within a game) to add or remove it from your favourite games lists. (Particularly useful for the What's New? screen, when there's a newly-added game you want as a favourite.)
- The restriction that code ids must be completely unique has been removed; now code ids are only required to be unique within a single game. (This change has been made because a user has reported that ARMAX itself doesn't seem to care about duplicated ids; but tread cautiously all the same, just in case.)
- A warning is now shown when leaving the Codelist Browser if the Favourites checkboxes have been altered without being saved. This should help to prevent accidentally forgetting to save changes to the favourite games.
- Favourite games can now be removed from the main screen by selecting them and hitting the Delete key (on the keyboard). This is particularly handy to remove favourites that are no longer in any of the available codelists.
- Non-folder codes that do not contain any active commands are now shown in green in the game viewer (matching how they're shown in ARMAX itself). These codes are essentially sub-headings or extended comments.
- When a code is encountered in the current codelist that doesn't have any actual code lines stored for it (which is illegal), MCM will now attempt to auto-repair the code by generating the missing code line. (Note however that it can only save this change if it's in an individual custom codelist, not if it's in the official codelists or if you're viewing the combined list.)

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