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webMAN MOD v1.43.19

Неофициальное обновление webMAN от aldostools

Изменения в последних версиях:
  • This build fixes a regression in the detection of firmware version (the bug is present in 1.43.18). It causes the fan control and other features to stop working properly.
  • So it's highly suggested to update to this version if you're using 1.43.18
  • The new feature in this build is that it has a *partial* port of the ps3netsvr for the PS3. Now people with multiple PS3 consoles should be able to share their games among them. The feature is not fully tested, but in my quick tests the PS3 and PSX ISOs worked fine.
  • The ps3netsvr service running on the PS3 has certain limitations:
  • - Only ISOs are supported (PS3ISO, PSXISO, BDISO, DVDISO). Support for multi-part ISOs will be added later.
  • - File copy is supported (e.g. videos, pkg, music, etc.)
  • - A maximum of 3 net clients are supported.
  • - Games in JB folders (GAMES or GAMEZ) are not supported, and I do not have plans to add virtual ISO.
  • - The games stored in different the devices are listed in merged folders (e.g. /net0/PS3ISO will list the files from /dev_hdd0, /dev_usb000, /dev_usb001, /dev_ms, etc.)
  • - NTFS devices are not supported.
  • Another feature is addition for the support for up to 5 net servers (/net0, /net1, /net2, /net3, /net4)
  • These /netsvr features are available only in the full version, due the amount of memory required.

Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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