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DroidMAN v0.9
Приложение под Android для удобства работы с плагином webMAN

Изменения в этой версии:

  • I've rewritten a big part of the program (70%), it should be more stable now.
  • (the new droidMAN won't replace the old one you'll need to unistall it manually - or keep it, it's up to you-)
  • The game database is now stored as a sql table which has improved the performances
  • Loading database is now done in background, you can use the application when it is adding the games, but you'll need to manually click on refresh icon in the top
  • (note that loading the games can be instantaneous (less than 2s) but actually it takes more time because the program reads the param.sfo for each game from the ps3 to detect the game id and game version needed for backing up savedata and downloading updates, are you interested in an option to deactivate those features and speeding up first loading?)
  • You can now set favorites by long pressing on the game's cover (clicking the star in the top will show only your favourite games ordered by launch times - this means that the most played game will appear first)
  • Your phones notifications will appear on your TV, thanks to @deank and the latest features of webMAN. (activate the service from settings)
  • PSP, DVD, and BD categories were added
  • It is possible to set the number of games that will be displayed per row (up to 7)
  • The user is now notified when some actions are finished (webMAN updated, gamesave backed up...)

Please note that the application is compatible with android 4.0.3+
I count on you to test and report issues and also suggest features.
@deank , I would like to know if it is possible to simulate controller key presses with a plugin, thank you!)

Thank you!

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