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droidMAN v0.94 Beta
Обновился droidMAN под Android для удобства работы с плагином webMAN

Изменения в этой версии:

  • Added a search option to display only games which name contains the string entered (thanks @xX3esahXx for the suggestion)
  • You can now configure multiple ps3 systems (thanks @qwer777 for the suggestion)
  • When no PS3/IP is configured the application opens automatically the settings screen (thanks @aldostools for the suggestion)
  • The labels "CATEGORY" / "WEBMAN" / "ACTION" are now darker (thanks @aldostools for the suggestion)
  • It is now possible to set two values of "Games per row" depending on the orientation (landscape/portrait) (thanks @aldostools for the suggestion)
  • removed the theme setting temporarily

PS: Please note that I didn't test all the chages as I'm not home and didn't take my PS3
If you want to update to 0.94Beta and keep your previous database (favorites, genres...) just Add a PS3 using "games-db" as HostName.

Скачать можно в теме поддержки
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