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Showtime 4.7.446

Очередная бета версия медиаплеера Showtime


Изменения в последних версиях:

* ecmascript: Add showtime.deviceId 
* osx: Generate device id 
* ecmascript: Add page.flush() 
* ecmascript: Add showtime.durationToString() 
* ecmscript: Add showtime.notify() 
* ecmascript: Fix bug in Showtime.pathEscape(): Bug resulted in an extra \x00 byte being appended to the result 
* ecmascript: Try to convert duktape number to integer if possible 
* Fix problem with loading subtitles from same directory as video content. 
If loading was too fast the video initialization code managed to cancel the load attempt, resulting in no subtitle loaded at all. 
* textparser: Handle tags with leading spaces 
* prop: If clear hps_dispatch if in PROP_DEBUG mode 
Otherwise the scanner for stale subscriptions will misdetect destroyed ones for being alive 
* glw: Add missing prop_unsubscribe() 
* ecmascript: Add item.addOptURL() and item.addOptAction() 
* ecmascript: Add showtime.print() and console.log() 
* navigator: Backout a change that was added during testing 

Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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