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Showtime 4.7.346
Очередная бета версия плеера Showtime
Изменения в последних версиях: 

* media: Set playstatus to play in mp_configure. … 
Without this the playstatus is left unset until we pause 
* httpclient: Fix bug causing seek-by-read-skip to fail if close to EOF … 
* httpclient: Disallow connection reuse on POST … 
* htsp: Make sure AV sync work on all platforms … 
Was broken on rpi, because during mp_configure() we need to know if we have an audio stream or not. 
* Add pre-buffering support to media pipeline (currently unused) 
* Rewrite media pause logic … 
- Internally this makes it possible to pause/unpause from different sources other than the user pause-button. 
- ps3: Add support for pausing video when opening XMB 

* glw: Create proxy events for playTrack event … 
If we create real event and retain them we will wrap the 8 bit prop_xref refcount in prop 
Rather than increasing the size of that structure, this is more memory efficient 

* js/page: Remove debug printfs 
* js: Better fix for js_page_mutex deadlock 
Never hold the mutex when doing any JSAPI calls 
* linux: Move pulseaudio to src/arch/linux/ 
* htsp: Ignore 'timeshiftStatus' messages 
* js: Fix deadlock between addUri and openpage 
* fa: Rework seek interface. 
Now there is an additional 'lazy' parameter indicating that the caller 
thinks it's OK for the seek to fail if the request cannot be processed 
in a "reasonable amount of time". Typically this is used to reject 
seeks when in a non-seekable HTTP stream 

* hls: Skip initial packets in a stream if they're not a keyframe 
* http: If getting files from CDN, assume filesize will never change 
Typically CDN just stores a single copy of a file and there is no 
appending going in. This makes it easier for us to discard seek 
requests that cannot be satisfied 

* Currently the only CDN recognized is Akamai 
* ps3: Add support for cropping of video frame … 
* h264_parser: Add support for reading cropping from SPS 
* glw: Fix broken clist widget (recent regression) … 

* ecmascript: Add support for POST data in httpReq method 
* ecmascript/asynchttp: Get rid of a test sleep 
* ps3: Fix RSX memory leaks related to video playback. … 
Those happened during seeks, in particular for interlaced content but 
could also happen during progressive content 
* vdpau: Fix broken non-blending mode when rendering video 
* linux: Condvar timers must use same (MONOTONIC) clock domain 

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