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Showtime 4.7.223

Очередная бета версия плеера Showtime

Изменения в последних версиях: 

* Fix async http 
* ecmascript: Remove old api-v1.js wrapper 
* rpi: Fix fallout again 
* ecmascript: Add support for async HTTP requests 
* ecmascript: Fix problem when context unloads itself 
* ecmascript/prop: Improve toString for prop childs 
* ecmascript/prop: Add 'delete', 'has' and 'enumerate' support 
* prop: Add retain/release sematics to prop mutex 
* ecmascript: Add timers 
* ecmpascript/root: Fix typo 
* Add missing copyright header 
* Make it possible to load ecmascript from commandline 
* ecmascript: Rename 'callback' to 'root' since it's a generic object rooting store 
* rpi: Fix fallout from last commit 
* prop: Use a pool of threads to dispatch prop notifications from global courier 
This reduces the number of thread that needs to sit around and idle waiting 
for something to happen. It also makes stuff happening on the global dispatch 
less sensitive for blocking callbacks 
* pool: Add a helper to iterate over all pool items 
* thread: Thread functions can be called with prop_mutex held 
* Add missing config variable for HTSP 
* glw: Rename TOKEN_LINK -> TOKEN_URI 
* prop: Rename prop_set_link() -> prop_set_uri() 
* event: Remove unused type event_queue_t 
* ecmascript: Make it possible to subscribe to eventactions 
* Get rid of a typo 
* ecmascript: Make memory tracking work across all targets 
* prop: Rename the value "link" to "uri" to avoid confusion with prop_link 
* Make it possible to build showtime with a lot of stuff turned off 
* ecmascript: Fix broken malloc 
* atomic: Make atomic_set() return void 
* ecmascript: Major refactoring … 
- Get rid of naked pointers in ecmascript code but instead use our own native obj wraper that also deals with object finalization 
- Upgrade duktape 
- Add common hook system 
- Add CommonJS Module support and use to to implement Showtimes interfaces 

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