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Showtime 4.7.393
Очередная бета версия плеера Showtime
Изменения в последних версиях: 
* ecmascript: Add settings support 
* ecmascript/prop: Forward 'ctrl' object in subscribeValue. Also add prop.makeUrl 
* ecmascript: Add 'debug' and 'ignoreVoid' to prop subscribe method 
* ecmascript: Split resources into volatile/permanent types 
* settings: Expose apps and SD settings in global prop tree 
* Support torrent:video: prefix inside videoparams 
* Remove unused file 
* ecmascript: Make store.js more flexible 
* httpclient: Get rid of unconditional debug output 
* Add support for video panning 
* Bring back the setting to change what up/down does during video playback 
* Change how volume controllers work. 
Add 'Master Volume' to popup menus. 
Up/Down during video playback will only adjust per-file volume 
* audio: Proper set of Master volume during startup … 
* Update Swedish translation 
* Update lang files 
* glw: Fix alpha blendning when using external compositors 
* sqlite: Dump error codes in hexadecimal 
* hls: Skip duplicate bitrate to avoid desync issues on some live streams … 
* hls: Don't crash if finding segment by PTS fails 
* ecmascript/sqlite: Fix object returned from db.step() 
* ecmascript/http: Fix broken POST form encoding 
* ecmascript/http: Add noAuth option 
* ecmascript/storage: Add support for 'in' operator 
* ecmascript: Drop file:// in storage path 
* ecmascript: Switch to recursive mutex until we can unlock in IO requests 
* httpclient: When we are in debug mode, dump 4xx error body to log 
* ecmascript: Add store module for automatic persisting of an object to disk 
* ecmascript: Add file-io 
* ecmascript: Add a 'storage' path and save stuff in there 
* osx: Handle arch_stop_req() 
* osx: Fix build with Xcode 6.1 toolchain 
* ecmascript: Get rid of naked pointers for htsmsg 
* video: Don't wait for subtitles to drain when we wait for video EOF 
* media_track: Turn off accidental debug 
* prop: Make prop_destroy_childs0() destroy all childs in one atomic notify 
* media_track: Add missing prop reference retain/release 
* Make ESC button also do "Navigate back" action 
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