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Showtime 4.9.92
Очередная бета версия плеера Showtime
Изменения в последних версиях: 

* ecmascript: Fix crash on plugin unload if item.bindVideoMetadata() was used. 
Also add new item.unbindVideoMetadata() which undoes what bindVideoMetadata() does 
* videoplayer: Don't remember position if video duration is unset … 
* videoplayback: Only scan for subs if we can determine video duration or compute subtitle hashes 
* ps3/video: Fix recent regression causing codec failure when playing videos back to back 
* Fix an incorrect check … 
* image: WIP code for computing dominant color of an image 
* Make XML parser a bit more robust 
* glw/array: Rendering of margin was bad, fix 
* glw: Fix bad autoFocus limiting (don't scan old tree) 
* glw: Add support for classic '#RRGGBB' and '#RGB' notation where floa… … 
* glw: Rename t_float_vector_int[] to t_float_vector[] 
* osx: Add retina support 
* ecamscript: Make sure es_prop_to_rstr() returns NULL if value type is not a string 
* rtmp: Don't scan for subtitles for live feeds 
* Fix wrong argument to mp_set_video_codec() 
* rpi/cec: Map ContentsMenu button to ACTION_SHOW_MEDIA_STATS 
* Improve error messages in XML parser (include linenum + column) 
* ecmascript: Add command line option to bypass file ACL checks 
* ecmascript: Fix module paths for loading relative to script 
* ecmascript: Include some timing when loading plugins 
* ecmascript: Fix broken integer-setting range clamping 
* rpi: Fix problem with audio digital pass through and multiple audio t… … 
* rpi/cec: Fix some key mappings 
- CEC's SetupMenu brings up the Page Menu 
- CEC's ContentMenut brings up the Item Menu 
* trivial: Drop trailing whitespaces 
* ui/video: Only display avdiff / decode time if relevant 
* chlog: Fetch in force mode 
* rpi: Fix audio pass through … 
* rpi/omx: Retry state transition if we have a resource problem 

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Категория: Программы и приложения PlayStation | Просмотров: 1591 | Добавил: pvc1 | Теги: медиаплеер, видео ps3, плейер, mkv, showtime, шоутайм | Рейтинг: 5.0/1

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