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Showtime 4.9.149

Очередная бета версия плеера Showtime

Изменения в последних версиях: 

* text: Need to clamp bounding box to max_width or margin might explode 
This causes too big textures to be created 
* videoplayer: Clear video title in data model after playback has completed (or failed) 
* Improve some debug prinouts in video player 
* get rid of a stray debug printout 
* Fix problem with restart/resume when selected from item menu 
Page redirects caused that particular information to get lost 
* torrent: Don't override canonicalUrl 
* Add option to ask user before doing video resume … 
* smb: Forgot a NULL check 
* hls: Add support for MP3 audio tracks 
* hls: Add some extra debug help 
* media/codec: Don't force codec to use number of CPU cores as concurrency 
Instead let it figure it out itself. If we force it to use multithreading 
VDPAU will run into problems when switching to/from accelerated mode 
* hls: Fix issuse with seeking (mostly visible on Raspberry Pi) 
* audio: Remove dead code (dummy_audio_thread) 
* Plugin two small memleaks spotted by valgrind 
* smb: Query for 0x20 (Fileserver) when trying to resolve names over NetBIOS 
* media: Fix some seeking issues 
Avoid bumping mp_epoch twice when we seek in queues 
Also make sure we call mp_seek_initiate() when seeking in queues 
* hls: Improve some debug 
* video: Fix broken conditional causing lockups in software decoder on flush 
* hls: Add missing flush of media_pipe that could cause lockup with some hw accelerators 

Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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