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Showtime 4.9.120

Очередная бета версия плеера Showtime

Изменения в последних версиях: 

* smb: Remove a misplaces mutex unlock 
* hls: Add mandatory padding for parsers 
* hls: Always open .ts files in streaming mode unless byte-ranges are specified 
Some HLS web servers are just too broken to work with range requests (which Showtime defaults to) so avoid it if possible 
* smb: Add support for browsing shares … 
* glw: Log user adjustment when logging about UI scaling changes 
* nativesmb: Refactoring 
* Move smb code into a dir of its own 
* nativesmb: Delete trailing whitespaces 
* hls: Rewrite demuxer 
Add support for supplemental audio tracks and also add option for user to select audio tracks 
* rpi: Upgrade stos to 1.0.19 (include boot fsck) 
* glw/sinewave() fix bad wrapping 
* skin: Use 'source' if 'title' is not present in audio track list 
* ecmascript/page: Add asynchronous paginator 
* video: Rework flushing when reaching end of video 
* Remove support for libsidplay2 (linux only) - Doesn't link anymore 
* Remove unused argument to mp_flush 
* ecmascript/v1api: Only parse plugin descriptor once 
* videoplayback: Remove restartposition in db for non-seekable items 
* ecmascript/page.js: Fix typo when parsing videoparams in page.appendItem 
* Add new page menu option "Erase all playback info" 
* video/playback: If stream doesn't have a duration (ie is not seekable). Don't try to resume position 
* playinfo: Remove unused define 
* Rename 'Music' -> 'Audio' in homepage's list mode

Скачать можно в теме поддержки 

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