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Universal Media Server 2.6.0
Обновился Universal Media Server до версии 2.6.0 для Linux/Unix и Windows.

Новое в этой версии :

• General:

- Added "Live Subtitles" which means you can select subtitles
from the Internet via your device. It can be enable on the
Navigation/Share Settings page.
-Improved layout of the Navigation/Share Settings page

• Implemented default subtitle preferences, to use them:

- Either use the "Clean Install" option on Windows or put
"eng,off;*,eng;*,und" into the "Audio/subtitles language
priority" box in the "Subtitles settings" tab on the
Transcoding Settings page
- Fixed DTS muxing with FFmpeg
- Added new "precoder" functionality, useful for plugin
- Added h.264 encoding support to MEncoder (when renderers
specify it)

• Languages:

- Updated Czech translation
- Updated English settings labels
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation (thanks, lovenemesis!)

• External Components:

• Updated h2 database to 1.3.171, which:

- Increases speed
- Improves JDK 7 compatibility

• Updated MPlayer/MEncoder for Windows SB52, which:

- Improves audio sync
- Improves DVD support
- Supports filenames with uncommon characters
- Fixes memory leaks
- Improves sync with Real videos
- Fixes a crash

• Updated Netty to 3.6.3, which:

- Makes browsing more stable

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