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PS3 Tools Collection 2.0.68
Новая версия PS3 Tools Collection за номером 2.0.68

Список изменений:

Bruteforce Save Data 3.0.5

It's a frontend for flatz save data tools 0.2.3. It finds the keys of several
games in seconds and let you resign your saved games.


- Added support for cheat patches in Game Genie format, cheat codes now
can be edited, updated games.conf database.
Special thanks to flatz, Alex @ CMP, acab, skillerCMP, gingerbread and
many others

PKG ContentID 2.0.7

It's a tool for view quickly the ContentID of a PKG. It also manages several
file associations for a seamless integration with Windows Explorer. Please
read the readme for details.


2.0.7 : Fixed an issue repacking C00 games. PKG info now show required
firmware and version found in the header.
2.0.6 : Added the missing key "npdrm-const" to .\tools\scetool\data, which
caused invalid RIF files in the "Convert RAP to RIF".
2.0.5 : Added display of ConsoleID and PSID from LV2 dump and display
ContentID for URL of .pkg (pasted from clipboard).
2.0.4 : Added Repack PKG [Set CATEGORY] to context menu for .pkg files..
2.0.2 (New experimental features) : Added Make EDAT License PKG,
Convert RAP to RIF and Convert RIF to RAP to the context menu
of .edat/.rap/.rif files.
Thanks to PatrickBatman for helping me to debug some issues with the
PKG ContentID

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