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SonicMan Cobra ODE v3.00

Обновление бекап менеджер для пользователей PS3 с Cobra ODE от разработчика Mussonero, котрый ранее участвовал в разработке GameSonic Manager

Изменения в этой версии:

  • Fix regarding the ISO images of the PS2 and PSX games . Now the ISO image of the PSX and PS2 Games appear under the retro column with new functionality, covers support, (the name of The cover must have the same name as the iso file , ex,, xxxNOMe.iso to xxxNOME_COV.JPG ) The covers are installed under the folder cover_retro /psx or cover_retro/ps2 .
  • Fix regards the ISO images BLU- RAY and DVD .Now the ISO images of DVD and BLU-RAY appear Under video column , with new functionality, covers support, the name of the cover must Have the same name as the iso file , example (( xxxNOMe.iso to xxxNOME_COV.JPG )) the covers are Installed under the folder covers/dvd or covers/bd.
  • The ability to launch PS3 games from SonicMan-Cobra-ODE .
  • Now you can start SonicMan in 8 modes like multiMAN .
  • Fix regarding the installation of DLC PKGs and updates PKGs of the games.
  • Added new feature , PIC1.PNG support (PS3 ISO games backgrounds ) now you can install your PIC1.PNG under the folder PIC1s, please re-name the file PIC1.PNG of the game's to the title ID example ,,,(( from PIC1.PNG to BSDE00000.PNG)) note (empty the cache folder after ) .
  • The ability to chose extract destination of any Zip File .
  • ShowTime updated, now it will be launched from SonicMan-ODE Home folder.
  • **still in test phase (check for update) for now on the update ,it will be saved on a usb-penne stick .
  • The ability to auto download the cover-packs onlin. 
  • **still in test phase (update showtime) it will be installed in SonicMan-ODE Home folder.
  • screenshots enabled .
  • now you can edit the language files .
  • Other small fixes .

Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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