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GameSonic Manager Stealth

Бекап менеджер от итальянских разработчиков Orion и Mussonero, использующий наработки Iris Manager. Это стелс версия.

Пояснения к этой версии:

Some thought that I would not have supported the release of stealth Gamesonic Manager, but it is not so, why do not I proceeded to update the Stealth Replacement or Vidzone Replacement is simple: 

They were not true stealth app as They continued to save files in the internal HDD and sony Readily could find them, but not anymore. Thanks to the brilliant idea of the developer haxxxen (you can see here ) and mamba autoloader Developer NZV I realized this new stealth version that starts, through a modified version of me payload mamba, voice app_home / PS3_GAME, as did the toolbox of Rogero, and saves all file configuration on a USB device connected to the PS3 (/ dev_usb000 /) leaving the XMB clean. 

** Important Note ** 
This method only works for now on CFW retail (non-Cobra), the Cobra CFW it would take a change in the file stage2.bin which entails considerable risks for me that I have a flasher 


  • Copy the folder "Manager" in a USB FAT32 (What you use or games goes benessimo) 
  • Copy the file Stealth_Mamba_Loader.pkg same Device 
  • Connect the device to the USB port closer to the reader (/ dev_usb000 /) 
  • Now install the file Stealth_Mamba_Loader.pkg to Install PKG 
  • Start it by holding down X until you hear a beep 
  • restarts uninstall the Mamba Loader 
  • Bring the item app_home / PS3_GAME / of your XMB and you will see the item Gamesonic Manager - Stealth 
  • Press X and will start Gamesonic Manager ready to install your games 


  • Team Cobra for the release of the source code patch cobra 
  • Estwald for Iris Manager and payload Mamba 
  • nzv for Mamba Autoloader 
  • Haxxxen for the brilliant idea of usre patches cobra / payload mamba to mount a directory as app_home

Скачать можно в теме поддержки

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