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[PSV|HEN] ONEluaVita2R0
Обновление интерпретатора языка LUA под названием ONEluaVita

Изменения в этой версии:

  • Fixed prints (%,ñ,... etc).
  • Change buttons.rumble.
  • Added a complete file system to support path work.
  • Removed "app0:" the partition, and added support writing on the route of the app.
  • Added sintaxis extended in strings, Operators "+, -, /, *, +=, -=, *=, /=". example print("Hello from " + "ONElua") -- Hello from ONElua
  • Added ONEdebugger - Real-time debugger errors in your scripts.
  • Added os.uri, lets you call “special” URIs on your PS Vita.
  • Added os.arg, You can invoke ONElua from another application, and know how it was called and if there is any special argument.
  • Added possibility to install themes, "LiveArea".
  • Added possibility to use protocol "https://" in the http module.
  • Added possibility to stream PSVITA screen to PC "Based on Rinnegatamante code and compatible with rinCheat Streamer PC app".
  • Fixed a bug in files.list 'times'.
  • Added Support to write/read from "savedata0:".
  • Reorder code and internal improvements.
  • Added Sound module, Support MP3 format.
  • Added sound.getid3() and sound.extractcover(), to handle mp3 files.
  • Added Camera module, you can manipulate both chambers, and apply some tricks.
  • Added function to compress file or folder, 'files.makezip()'
  • Updated function 'game.info()', now get data of .sfo, eboot.pbp or VPKs/ZIPs.

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