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PS3 Tools Collection 2.0.62
Обновление набора утилит от aldostools под номером 2.0.62

Изменения в этой версии:

rap management tools new 2013-02-04! 

Keep your "rap" files collection clean with "remove bad files from 
exdata.bat" (a batch file that will remove the invalid "rap" files from your 
"exdata" folder) and delete_dups (a tool that will compare your rap files 
with the ones stored in another folder; deleting the duplicated files). Use 
them in conjunction with PS3 Game Integrity and PKG ContentID to keep 
your collection of raps organized. 
TIP: My PS3 Keys tool can be used to create rap files, just entering the file 
name and pasting the 32 HEX digits. 

PS3 Keys 1.5.5 new 2013-02-04! 

It's a tool to edit, verify and create the .ps3 keys in binary format 
and .rap/.edat files. 
Version 1.1 allows to convert scetool's data\keys file into .ps3 keys binary 
format (click on the big blue icon for the menu). 
Version 1.2 shows a visual alert (red cross icon) if the key is found in the 
Keys file, but the revision doesn't match. 
Version 1.3 adds a report of keys in HTML and 'next' button to find the bad 
Version 1.5.5 adds support for .rap and .edat files (checks MD5). 

lastGAME Customizer 1.0 new 2013-02-03! 

This new tool takes advantage of the customization options that multiMAN's 
lastGAME applet offers, allowing to create PKG files that mount games and 
AVCHD movies directly from the XMB, without having to launch multiMAN's 
GUI (btw lastGAME = multiMAN without GUI). 


Current version supports lastGAME 4.1 (loads Hermes payload for 
firmwares 3.41, 3.55, 4.21, 4.30) 
Allows to connect to PS3 via FTP to retrieve the list of games installed 
on HDD or on external devices 
Supports drag & drop of multiple folders (x:\GAMES) to create multiple 
PKGs instantly 
Supports command line interface (CLI) 
Allows to mount ISOs (PS2, PSP, PSX, DVD, BDM) and load remote 
backups (Cobra dongle is required) 
Support direct boot (certain games only). Games that require BD mirror 
are not supported. 

NOTE: Support for PSX ISO and 4.31 CFW (MiralaTijera) are not 
implemented yet on lastGAME 4.1

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