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[PS2|MOD] OPL 0.9.4 rev.996 DB all
Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 996

Изменения в последних релизах:

The following changes were done by Developer SP193:

Fix for HDD size calculation, new poweroff processing mechanism, fixed PBUF allocation for Ethernet ARP request, new option for SMSTCPIP to save more RAM. (#44)

* Corrected HDD partition size calculation (change in homebrew specs to align with the official documentation; size is now in 512-byte HDD sectors).
* (ingame SMSTCPIP) Fixed pbuf allocation for Ethernet ARP request and changed SMAPSendPacket to assume that all PBUFs are aligned.

etharp_query requests PBUF_LINK from pbuf_alloc(), but does not reveal the Ethernet header.

It is possible that this also writes beyond the end of the PBUF.

* Changed GUI power-off to deinitialize the UI and to switch off DEV9, before power off.
* Added new MEM_LIBC_MALLOC option to mem.c and enabled it. It functions like the official option from newer LWIP versions.

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