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[PS2] OPL 0.9.2 rev.672 Ifcaro+GSM
Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 672 от Ifcaro. В архиве версии со встроенным GSM и без него.

Изменения в этой ревизии:

- Replaced the TLB reinitialization mechanism with a built-in one. No more patching/hooking onto the EE kernel for that! Done partly for compatibility with the PSX.
- Cleaned up code (Removed unreferenced definitions).
- Changed all long ints in ee_core/src/des.c to just integers to save space and for the performance.
- Removed leftover derelict GSM-enabling code from elfldr.
- Ported the loader (elfldr in OPL) from FMCB v1.93, since I had already refined the loader there.
- Fixed the saving of the result code from the SMB logon step. The correct SMB connection/logon error message should be displayed now.
- Changed SysExecElf() to not accept any arguments since it was previously not coded properly to support that. No caller function every used that functionality anyway.

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