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[PS2|MOD] OPL 0.9.4 DB rev.1007
Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader

Изменения в последних релизах:

SP193: Fix for HDD deinit, avoid linking to thread and TLB patches and updated IOP reboot code. (#51)
* Close all files upon deinit of HDD support, to prevent potential risks of corrupting the HDD.
* Updated calls to Exit, LoadExecPS2 and ExecPS2, and added custom kernel syscall definitions to avoid linking to the new kernel patches.
* Updated SifIopReset to not use NULL as an argument and to support the new SIFCMD header.

SP193: Updated IGR to support the new PS2SDK thread patch. (#52)

SP193: (IGR fix) Added missing update to Reset_Iop within padhook. (#53)

belek666: Updates and fixes for pademu/mcemu and other small changes (#54)

Changes in files:

- bugfix: pass vmc flags/pademu flags to pademu/mcemu modules so they can be properly build

- letting know pademu if mcemu was loaded

- when app was started from hdd pass partition name to the elfs argument

*modules/ds3bt & modules/ds3usb
- cleanups
- ds3bt: more proper disconnetion command
- add functions to deinit libraries

- bugfix: add pademu flags
- get pademu exported function in hooked RegisterLibraryEntires call
- in hookRegisterLibraryEntires function: first call original RegisterLibraryEntires and check if it returns any error, if ok unregister library, hook library calls and call RegisterLibraryEntires function again (fix for vmc/pademu in games which try to load sio2man/mcman modules twice or more, e.g. Lemmings, Worms3D)

- bugfix: add vmc flags
- changes in hookRegisterLibraryEntires, same as in mcemu
- in usb_pademu: in some games usb transfer may hangs causing ds3 to not responsing, timeout was added to workaround that
- in usb_pademu/bt_pademu: add simple delay when changing pad mode
- cleanups

- add pademu string to about screen

- in IOP Usage screen: add VMC string only when mcemu module will be used, add pademu string
- add ds3usb/ds3bt resets, do not load them when usbd module was not loaded

SP193: Module update: refactored custom IOP module code to allow OPL to use the PS2SDK's DEV9, ATAD, HDPro ATAD and USBHDFSD modules directly. Updated in-game DEV9, SMAP, ATAD and HDPro ATAD. (#55)
* (Phase 1A - HDD support in UI) Removed custom HDD modules, moving platform-specific code into xhdd.irx.
* (Phase 1B - USB support in UI) Removed custom USBHDFSD module and updated to use new USBHDFSD API.
* (Phase 2A - in-game DEV9) Updated ingame dev9 code to not use the custom ioman header, use SA_THPRI for sema attr and to undo my old customizations to dev9.
* (Phase 2B - in-game ATAD) Updated in-game ATAD module to have the modern ATAD module design.
* (Phase 2D - In-game SMAP) Updated SMAP code to use the new EMAC3_GET32/SET32 macros and to improve code for clarity..
* (Phase 2C - in-game HDPro ATAD) Updated HDPro in-game code to share the same properties as the atad code.
* (Phase 3) Cleaned up HDD support code:
* hddsupport uses hddCheck instead of its own check on the HDD status.
* Updated DEVCTL function call names.
* Updated to use the argument structures, rather than arrays.
* Removed unmount/re-mount operation around the code that gets the VMC partition information.

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