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[PS2] OPL 0.9.3 rev.833 Ifcaro

Очередной бета-релиз Open PS2 Loader ревизии 833 от Ifcaro.

 Изменения в последних ревизиях:

  • update language files 

-- a contribution by the PS2HOME Translators Team

  • update language files and also fonts 

-- a contribution by the PS2HOME Translators Team.

  • Fixed missing compiler if directive 

-- a bug introduced in OPL r824 commit: 2ef40f0 where if user kept Makefile VMC feature disabled, it would shoot out an error when compiling. 

-- a fix done by developer danielb.

  • Made changes to the Now Last Played Game auto-start feature introduce in OPL r825 commit: 578b754 

-- now user can choose whether to enable or disable the auto-start feature in Makefile before compiling 

-- this option should help internal HDD users who reported a bug when the auto-start feature is enabled 

-- a temp fix until our esteemed developer doctorxyz provides a better solution.

-- a fix done by developer Jay-Jay.

  • Created a new page menu to support and list POPStarter ELF files 

-- can be enabled under OPL Settings like the APPS page. 

-- It will use it's own conf_pops.cfg file on MC in OPL folder 

-- a project by developer Jay-Jay.

  • Enabled both APPS and POPStarter menu pages to populate the CFG file for INFO page. 

-- The CFG file must have the APP or POPStarter ELF name. 

-- Examples: SMS.ELF.cfg or XX.AC2.ELF.cfg 

-- It looks for it in the CFG / CFG-DEV folders on all devices in this order: HDD, ETH, USB. 

-- a project by developers danielb and Jay-Jay.

  • added support to fetch both conf_apps.cfg and conf_pops.cfg from all devices: 

-- MC: MC?:/OPL/conf_apps.cfg as it always was. 

-- HDD, USB, SMB: In the root of OPL folder, along side the ART/CFG/THM folders. 

-- OPL searches for the file in this order: MC, HDD, SMB, USB. 

-- a project by developer danielb.

  • Disabled the Development Builds setting that was set since OPL r801 commit 144ad43. 

-- Go ahead and rename your CFG-DEV folder back to CFG. 

-- if you are using OPL Manager v16+ make sure to toggle back to CFG folder under its Settings Menu. 

-- a fix done by developer Jay-Jay.  -- UPDATE -- go back using CFG-DEV with OPL_r833_v2 -- UPDATE 2 -- it got fixed for HDD users and also for the APPS and POPS pages, go ahead and switch back to CFG folder with OPL_r833_v3. :)

Скачать можно в теме поддержки


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