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Iris Manager v2.72
Официальное обновление бекап-менеджер Iris Manager до версии 2.72

Изменения в этой версии: 

- Fixed bugs found in makeps3iso tools and patchps3iso extractps3iso and their equivalents in Iris Manager.
- Fixed bug date ( [ qmparto ] )
- Added support for game updates (Game Update) :

In the game options , you will find it . First I will choose the updates it finds ( considering. Pkg downloaded already in the directory and the current version you find in the game) and then proceed to download them all ( in the / PKG directory iris, ie / dev_hdd0 / game/IMANAGER4/PKG ) . Finally , enter the Archive Manager in the directory to give you option to install .

For developers : you needs my http and ssl changes to compile it ( https://github.com/Estwald/PSDK3v2 )

- Added some other things [ lol ]


for Developers

The source of ' Mamba ' code adapted with minimal compiler for PS3 used to compile ( then else , use my build environment PSL1GHT , well known ) , can be downloaded from this link:


Please remember to publicize the changes and / or additions you make , so that everyone can work from that base.

Скачать можно в теме поддержки
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