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Iris Manager v2.80
Официальное обновление бекап-менеджер Iris Manager

Изменения в этой версии: 

- The ISOs now will take the title name from PARAM.SFO (so far took the file name)
and also will show the background image of the game in the Options dialog.

- New support for PSX Cobra / Mamba from "Disc-Less Payload" : works with the same versatility
 as the old, but adding PSX support PSX for NTFS/EXTx units, thanks to the new plugin that allows
 you to change up to 8 ISOs of PSX ( unplugging / replugging the device NTFS / EXTx in the latter
 case to change iso)

Changes for PSX in Cobra / Mamba "Disc-Less Payload" mode with respect to the old are:

1) All Games now use the plugin by default. The games stored in /dev_hdd0 and /dev_usb00x
can use the old emulation (PSX payload) selecting "old_emu" or "old_netemu".

2) To eject/insert a disc, the changes are as follows (remember that only from the Cobra/Mamba
plugin in "Disc-Less Payload" mode) :

- If the game is in NTFS / EXTx, you must unplug / plug the USB device.

- If the game is stored in /dev_hdd0 or /dev_usb00x, it will use the first device found with a FAT
partition (device '/dev_usb' ) and if this fails, then it will use the first non-FAT USB device
connected (NTFS / EXTx for example) .

- Remember that unpluging the LED will flash

3) If the ps1_rom.bin is used and L2 button is held down on the pad when the game is launched,
it is also possible to run the rom from NTFS / EXTx without a CD to copy/delete the data from
the memory card that is using the game (this is useful for handling Internal_MC.VM1).
You must exit from the emulator after finishing, as the old PSX payload used.

4) Leaving the PSX emulator it is possible to launch the game from the disc, but in doing so,
the video will be set to PAL/NTSC depending on the region of your system, and you must select
the memory card from the emulator and keep in mind that if the game does not belong to your
region, it will freeze.

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