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Iris Manager v2.40
Обновился бекап-менеджер Iris Manager до версии 2.40

Что нового:

• Updated Italian language (thanks AcidBuRn1)
• Fixed error in the definition of a variable in the FTP which made the console will turn
off when not using the remote, but was transferring files
• Further improvement for PSX emulator that eliminates the need to modify usleep()
changing it to a method that allows syscalls redial as often as desired [crappy] (and thus
be able to step calls conflicted by enter the syscall loop to change the turning point)
• Added in the menu "Tools" tool "Fan & USB Wakeup Control".
• Allows control of satellite payload temperatures, System Manager (sm.self) in
Miralatijera 4.40 CFW + Core 3.3.0, by the SYSCON or speed set by the user (option "By
User and speed in" User / Shutdown Speed ​​".
• Displays real time information of the temperatures, fan speed mode and current.
• Allows you to set the behavior of the Payload / S. Manager adjusting speed /
temperature to suit the user and reset defaults and remember the values ​​set ("Set
Settings" and record the values ​​fixed)
• From System Manager (sm.self) to set a time (or disable) in steps of 10 seconds for the
utility writes a file on the USB device in use and avoid "sleep" for lack of activity

Скачать и обсудить можно здесь.
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