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Iris Manager 1.49.1
Обновление бекап менеджера Iris Manager до версии 1.49.1

Изменения в этой версии:

- Now to have an hour of downtime in Iris console off 
- As I said, in Iris temperature alarm: 90 seconds without the temperature drops below 80 � C in either CPU or RSX and the console is turned off. 
- The addition of the callback Disc allows're not constantly checking whether there is a disc in and it allows the reader to rest. 
- Added support for redirection libfs.sprx: copy by ftp or via usb (usb :/ gets into iris) libfs_patched.sprx, which is generated by patch_libfs.bat (do not forget to put keys in the data folder!) And games like COD4: MW to operate from internal BD-Emu mount 
- In Tools (press START) the "Copy from / dev_usb / Iris to Iris folder" will make life easier to move things to the installation directory of Iris Manager. For example, if you put "covers" of Multiman within the USB folder, you copy your own content or libfs_parched.sprx we talked about. The option uses asynchronous copying to gain speed.

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