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Iris Manager 2.30
Обновился Iris Manager до версии 2.30 

Новое в этой версии: 

- Fixed problems with recent CFW 4.40 (/ APP_HOME on Rogero v1.03) 
- Added some cosmetic changes to the GUI and full UTF8 support (now support Arabic characters, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Korean, etc. using system fonts) 

An example of using these fonts you can see it by pressing START on the main screen to enter the "Global Settings" and then pressing SELECT there. 

The default Iris Manager uses 4 internal sources, which will function if used in the representation of the character located or not. 

In that sense, it provides the ability to add a custom source, adding "font.ttf" folder Iris IMANAGER4 Manager installation, which will replace the main source used.

Скачать можно здесь.
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